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Publication of articles in the scientific journal "Leisure time research"


LSUDear Editorial Board members, On behalf of Editor-in-Chief we want to welcome you to the new school year beginning. We want to wish a lot of love and patience, stone strength, Themis justice, respect for full of sense work and infinite warmth in exploration and discovery science vastness. As you know, has already appeared the first international electronic scientific journal "Leisure time research" number, which can be found at: [1].

The Journal presents original unpublished research articles in Lithuanian, English, and Russian languages. This journal is waiting new scientific articles. So we want to invite you and your colleagues to submit your scientific articles and research result from various disciplines (sport, tourism, leisure and recreation, pedagogics, sociology, economics, law, management and administration, etc.) related to recreation and leisure services sector. We expect to receive from your scientific works related with social sciences development. We hope that this journal will promote the Lithuanian and world scientific and academic communities, it will help readers to analyze, evaluate and develop their approach to interdisciplinary and certain problems in the field of science and it will be interested not only in academics, but also for students, business, society and the public authorities. Also I would like to inform that the article submission deadline is extended till 4th of November, 2013. More information about journal and article submission is available on the website: [2].

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Science of Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity in the Tropics Conference 28th – 30th November 2013, Cairns, Australia


Conf Aus 28nov

James Cook University (Sport & Exercise Science), Australia, will host a multidisciplinary conference examining the science of sport, exercise and physical activity in tropical, hot and humid conditions in the beautiful tropical city of Cairns. 

The Science of Sport, Exercise & Physical Activity in the Tropics conference is aimed at both academic and practitioner audiences who will address the physiological and psychological mechanisms, interventions and responses to sport, exercise and physical activities performed in hot, humid tropical conditions.This event will bring together prominent speakers from Australia and around the world to consider this topic – from community participation in exercise and sport, physical activity to elite performance and their impacts on individuals and public health.

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Organiser: Faculty of Kinesiology University of Zagreb, Croatia Under the patronage of: Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Recognised by: INSHS (International Network of Sport and Health Sciences) FIEP Europe

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The VI International Congress “Sport, People and Health”


The VI International Congress “Sport, People and Health” will be held in St. Petersburg (Russia) on October 18-20, 2013 within the framework of the Cultural Program of the SportAccord World Combat Games 2013. The Congress is focused on martial arts and combat sports world and its contribution to the global sports movement.

Principle Objectives of the Congress:

To promote development of martial arts and combat sports as an important component of world sports and to use the power of sport to form a physically and morally healthy society;

To advocate rapprochement and interaction between cultural traditions of East and West as the structural basis for modern civilization.

Practical Goals of the Congress:

To ground the approaches to current classification of combat games and martial arts on a global scale; to clarify the basic definitions (combat sports, applied combat sports, fighting arts, martial arts, etc.).

To study general, common and specific issues in the development of various combat techniques on the basis of a scientific approach and complex comparative analysis of various schools of martial arts, with special focus on their historical roots, philosophical doctrines, and national distinctions.

To elaborate the basic criteria (indicators and specifications) that characterize the current state and prospects of development of combat sports and martial arts in the world.

To present a general outline of the development of combat sports on the basis of elaborated criteria and to point out actual problems of combat sports and martial arts in the world.

To explore the ways of resolving medical problems related to the training and competitions in combat sports and problems of traumatism in the course of practicing combat sports.

To summarize the advanced experience and effective methods of treatment and rehabilitation in the case of trauma to martial artists and practicing athletes as well as in the case of sports veterans and disabled athletes.

To discuss socio-psychological, judicial and ethical aspects in the development of combat sports.

To discuss the role of mass media and media environment, as well as of literature and cinema in the development of martial arts and combat sports.


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